Summer Days and Plenty of Haze

The Air Quality Index in Beijing has recently been hitting some dangerously high numbers. The heat and smog combined means the average person will be spending a lot of their time indoors. Unfortunately, without the right air filter, or a properly maintained air filter, the air inside your home can actually be worse than the air outside. Unsafe gases and particulate matter 2.5 microns or smaller (PM2.5) can increase beyond outdoor levels indoors due to leaks from outside, poor air flow, and the off gassing of many common building materials. The health effects of breathing in these pollutants can be severe and long lasting. Also consider that you and your family are breathing this in every single day, even while sleeping.

Having high quality air filters that are the correct capacity for your home is the first step toward ensuring you and your family are breathing safe and healthy air. Making sure your air filters are maintained and serviced regularly is also crucial. Unmaintained machines can actually make your air worse than not having a machine at all. Fortunately, Raylient offers a comprehensive guarantee and service package with all of its air filters, and it is the only company in China to do so. Take a look at our air filters, and then breath a sigh of relief knowing that no matter how hot or hazy it gets this summer, you can breathe safely.