Raylient distributes Viqua brand UV water disinfection systems, made in Canada by Trojan Technologies. Viqua is a high-value selection of tough professional products, all capable of sterilizing Chaina’s municipal water supply. The Viqua UV brand has a wide range applications from manufacturing, food processing and food service such as restaurants, cafes, juice bars, to commercial facilities such as schools, movie theaters, yoga studios, to homes from housing compounds, to villas, apartments, even down to single under-counter drinking filter installations. Sterilight products encompass specialty applications such as vending machines or water dispensing applications, and integrated water filtration and sterilization units.

Trojan Technologies is the global leader in UV water disinfection technology. Trojan has the largest installed base of UV municipal systems in the world – approximately 3,000 systems in over 25 countries treating a total of more than 12 billion gallons of water per day. This includes disinfection for the city of Rotterdam (largest UV drinking water installation in Europe), New York City (largest UV facility in the world), Shanghai and Tianjin.

Trojan Case Study – New York City
Trojan Case Study – Tianjin

Viqua is a subsidiary company of Trojan, focused on products for the light-commercial and residential sector.

Raylient’s UV sterilization services include water system pretreatment and pretesting, installation, and maintenance. Contact us for help in finding a UV solution that will provide you with safe water, free of bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

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