Whole House Filter, Water Softener and Pressure Pump in Shanghai

Shanghai Whole House Filter, Water Softener, Pressure Booster Pump

This home in Regency Villas (御墅花园), Changning, Shanghai was recently completely renovated. To meet the owner’s requirements for clean, safe and soft water, Raylient installed an Aquasana EQ-600C whole house water filter and Aquasana EQ-AST-WH water softener.

For many years Regency Villas has a lower than normal water pressure. To resolve this problem and provide the home with a comfortable, stable water pressure, a Grundfos CM3-3 booster pump was installed.

Many times we are asked “should a water pressure boosting pump should be installed before or after a whole house filter?”. In almost all cases the pump should be installed after the filter system. If there is a sudden rise in the water pressure coming into the house, installing the pump before the system may cause a pressure spike that could damage a filter system (or softener, or UV system, etc). If the pump is placed after the system, a potential pressure spike will safety be distributed throughout the entire home’s plumbing system.