Raylient is a China-based, American-owned and operated firm that provides the air and water products you need for safe living in China. Raylient was formed to provide you with tested, effective and reliable solutions to your indoor environmental problems.

We Know Products

The Raylient team has years of experience with air and water treatment, and have installed and assessed thousands of filter systems. We know clearly which products work in China, which don’t and which can actually make your indoor environment worse. Since we sell multiple brands and technologies, you can be confident that you’re really buying the correct safe, effective products to match your needs.

Solutions And Service

The right products are just half of the picture. Unlike any other companies on the market, we can help you make sure your water and air treatment systems are properly used and maintained to ensure effectiveness. We can provide refurbishment, out-of-warranty repairs, replacement cartridges and more, even if you did not purchase the products from us. From simple free filter system checks to coordinating professional environmental testing services, we provide solutions to guarantee the health and safety of your indoor environments.

Contact us today to solve your indoor environmental problems: info@raylient.com