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AI-300 For Allergic People

AI-300, a small portable professional air purifier designed for allergic people, can help control both volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and particulate matter down to 0.1 microns including pollen, dust, fungi, viruses and etc.. Its remote control and timing function can get it controlled whenever or wherever you want.

The AirProce AI-300 is an intelligent air filter system that combines connective technology with reliable air filtration to quickly and quietly clean the air in your home or office. Using WI-Fi-connectivity it is possible to control your AirProce system from a single mobile device and even control multiple AiProce systems in various locations.

The entry-level model AI-300 features PM2.5 purification capacity and preliminary TVOC purification capacity in the whole series. With small and exquisite exterior, it is appropriate for single people and small families.

  • Indoor air quality data refreshed every 15 seconds
  • Outdoor air quality data refreshed every hour
  • Indoor data including PM2.5, TVOC, temperature, humidity
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