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At over 480,000 square feet, Austin Air maintains the largest air purifier manufacturing facility in the world. Austin Air continues to manufacture all of their own products and parts in-house, from the filters, to the steel housing, to the final baked-on powder coat of paint. As a pioneer in the air purifier industry for more than 15 years,Austin Air was one of the first companies to sell HEPA air purifiers.

Founded by a gentleman trying to help his wife overcome a respiratory illness, Austin Air commitment to providing the best air purifier goes above and beyond a business need. With an extensive research and development department, Austin Air continues to be a leader in the areas of design and innovation, and they continue to show profits that double or triple every year.

“We began this adventure by way of necessity, Joyce had a real breathing problem. We tried everything,” says Richard Taylor, referring to his wife Joyce. Even as a child, Joyce always experienced difficulty breathing. No matter what treatment was undertaken, nothing made a difference. Joyce finally found relief when her husband recreated the “hospital clean room” environment by drawing upon technologies used in medical facilities.

Using true medical-grade HEPA filtration, surrounded with activated carbon, Taylor created a filter that blocked environmental particulate contamination and chemical toxicity.