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AI-300 For Allergic People

AI-300, a small portable professional air purifier designed for allergic people, can help control both volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and particulate matter down to 0.1 microns including pollen, dust, fungi, viruses and etc.. Its remote control and timing function can get it controlled whenever or wherever you want.

The AirProce AI-300 is an intelligent air filter system that combines connective technology with reliable air filtration to quickly and quietly clean the air in your home or office. Using WI-Fi-connectivity it is possible to control your AirProce system from a single mobile device and even control multiple AiProce systems in various locations.

The entry-level model AI-300 features PM2.5 purification capacity and preliminary TVOC purification capacity in the whole series. With small and exquisite exterior, it is appropriate for single people and small families.

  • Indoor air quality data refreshed every 15 seconds
  • Outdoor air quality data refreshed every hour
  • Indoor data including PM2.5, TVOC, temperature, humidity
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Stronger Performance, for Quality Life

AirProce air purifiers are designed to meet both particulate and gaseous contamination challenges in indoor environments. They are stronger, quieter and more economical. Using the air purifier with superior performance and large air volume only consumes 1 kW·h per day. In addition, 100% sealing technology not only eliminates in-duct contamination, but also prevents the noise generated from air leakage, promoting purification efficiency.

The fan motor is located in the dust-free area between the middle and bottom layer, and sound insulation materials isolate motor vibration from the air purifier housing. Thus, the double-walled housing design further reduces sound transmission. The bottom inlet structure keeps dust, pollen, pet dander and other large particulate matter out of the duct so as to ensure longer useful life of fan motor and filter elements.


It is acknowledged worldwide that HEPA is safe and efficient filter media. HEPA was originally applied in protection of nuclear energy research, but now it’s widely applied in laboratories with precision, pharmaceutical production, atom research, surgical operation and other places where high cleanness is required. The higher the HEPA class is, the denser the fibers are. Thus, we persist in class H13 HEPA which, can control particulate matter down to 0.1 microns with high efficiency.

Some air purifiers with lower class HEPA promising more airflow may cause secondary pollution. Under the circumstances, unfiltered ultra-fine particulate matter coming from the air outlet can be pushed into indoor air circulation faster. AirProce air purifier can effectively keep dust, pollen, pet dander and other large particulate matter out of the Duct. On top of that, H13 HEPA efficiently filters PM0.3 such as bacteria, viruses and etc. with the guaranteed minimum purification efficiency of over 99.95%.

Multi-Mix® Media Technology

Airproce adopt Multi-Mix® Media technology that is widely used in the chemical industry. With the principle of physisorption, absorption, chemisorption and catalysis, MULTI-MIX® chemical filter media provide continuous purification of air containing corrosive, odorous, and toxic contaminants. Multi-Mix® Media is imported from Circul-Aire®, a Canadian company specializing in gaseous contaminants control. They have assured that it will not release absorbed contaminants even under high or low temperature, saturation and other extreme conditions. Its applicable temperature ranges from -40℃ to 48.9℃, while humidity ranges from 10% to 95%.

Powered by Ebmpapst

Ebmpapst backward centrifugal fan motor has a powerful airflow rate of 1200m³/h, providing AirProce larger air volume. In addition, the maximum 700pa air pressure is among the best of similar products.

Eight pieces of rubber suspension cushions can effectively isolate motor vibration from the air purifier housing. It provides ten-year useful life assurance which could accompany you longer.


Filter Element Configuration
Top Layer:
H13 HEPA Filter
Bottom Layer:
MIX Pre-Filter

Working Voltage

Power(6 Speeds)
Hibernate power:<1W

H 66cm X L 41cm X W 41cm


Air Volume and Sound Level (6 fan speed)
Minimum 25dB

Fan motor, Air Inlet and Outlet
Ebmpapst centrifugal fan motor with backward curved blades whose useful life could reach ten years is equipped with the protection of overheating and mechanical overload. Air inlet – bottom, Air outlet – 320° surrounding the top.

Display Screen
5”TFT display screen

Safety Parameters
Housing Material: Involatile, anti-UV safe ABS, anode wire drawing aluminum
Operating Temperature: -15°C ~ 65°C
Safety Inspection: Pass CE and IEC inspection

Filtration Efficiency
(Particulate matter filtration ≥ 0.3μm, after industrial test)
TVOC ≥85%

Intelligent features
Learning ability, WeChat,cellphone and APP control, checking and sharing of air quality data

Manual mode, intelligent mode, sleep mode

HEPA filter
Airpro HEPA H13

Air Quality Monitoring
PM2.5 detection, TVOC detection, temperature and humidity detection, illumination detection

Purification Capacity


Real-time Monitoring

After connecting the air purifier to Wi-Fi and scanning the QR code, you can achieve remote real-time monitoring towards your device through WeChat or APP. The air purifier may send indoor air quality data, update and alert in real time to your mobile phone.

Filter-Life Monitor

The AirProce® system can identify each filter you use and calculate the remaining useful life, taking actual use and contamination levels into account. In addition, it reminds you to change filters in time so as to keep high purification efficiency.

Whenever, Wherever

No matter home or public indoor spaces such as office, classroom and gym, places you can bind the AirProce air purifiers of all spaces you concern and achieve monitoring indoor air quality via remote control.

Smart Mode, More Than Remote Control

You could switch on and off the air purifier or monitor the fan motor with 6 fan speed settings by remote control always and everywhere. In addition, under the condition of smart mode, your device will adjust the fan speed and screen luminescence automatically upon indoor air quality.